My Dear Enemy

My Dear Enemy ★★★½

" If you think its good, its good. If you think it's bad, its bad "

When you have Ha Jung Woo accompanying you on a 'road trip' being this careless, spirited, softie self with some very real unapologetic bickering and nuanced stealing of gazes, what more do you want from life?!!

I now get why some people were disappointed with 'A Man and a Woman' from Lee Yoon Ki, because this one has set a high bar. Both Ha Jung Woo and Jeon Do shares some unreal chemistry in this one. One could actually sense how their relationship slowly drifts apart and towards from mere change in demeanour and internalised performances of these two effortless actors.

I've watched many movies where the leads come together post break-up and what usually follows is unbearable melodrama, gotta give it to the director and cast to have made the very same thread real and relatable. CRIMINALLY UNDER-WATCHED FILM.

"When you are low you borrow, when you are not you give "