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  • Da 5 Bloods

    Da 5 Bloods


    The Vietnam war was the first televised war for Americans. Granted, Americans could see the horrors of the Second War World in newsreels, but for the first time horrific images of the victims of war was beamed directly into the home of every American with a television set. It’s one of the many reasons why the anti-war crowd was so strong and numerous and their clashes with the heavy-handed police so vicious.

    Another interesting aspect of the Vietnam War was…

  • Portrait of a Lady on Fire

    Portrait of a Lady on Fire


    Since the release of a Portrait of a Lady on Fire a lot of discussion has been generated about the differences between the male and female gaze. Portrait of a Lady on Fire is directed by Celine Sciamma who is female and also a lesbian. What this does is give the film an entirely different feel and gaze to the likes of Blue is the Warmest Colour and The Handmaiden, both of which were directed by men. Even having not…

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  • Good Morning, Vietnam

    Good Morning, Vietnam


    While Robin Williams is great in the central role, this film is lacking because it doesn't have much to say about the Vietnam War and America's invasion of it.

    What it does say, in a rather predictable turn, has been covered by American films released during the late 1980s (like Born of the fourth of July and Platoon) which all did it better. Even Rambo was more thought-provoking.

    Platoon had that authenticity, Apoclayse Now and The Deer Hunter (which I don't like) had the epic factor. Good Morning Vietnam has Robin Williams and good supporting cast...and that's about it.

  • Hello Ghost

    Hello Ghost


    About mid-way through the film, I was thinking this film is fine, and it's fun but it really should do more with its premiese. Perhaps not reaching potential it could have ....but by the end of it I was an idiotic, blubbering mess of man.

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  • Iron Mask

    Iron Mask

    The film’s promotional material made much of the fact that Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jackie Chan, two legends of action cinema, were in the same movie which is a sequel to a film, Viy (2014), nobody heard of. Anyway the sequel is a movie of many names (it’s called Viy 2: Journey to China or Journey to China: The Mystery of the Iron Mask or simply The Iron Mask) and sees Jason Flemyng’s cartographer return to far East Russia only to…

  • A Fall from Grace

    A Fall from Grace


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Jasmine has got to be the worst lawyer in movie history...