The Room

The Room ★★★★

'As far as I'm concerned you can drop off the earth. That's a promise' - my sides, they hurt.

I've found myself quoting 'you are tearing me apart' on more than one occasion without ever seeing The Room. Now that I have, it might just be one of the funniest movies I have ever seen.

I mean, it's fucking terrible in almost every regard but oh god did I laugh, I laughed until I cried - this is not how humans are supposed to interact. All it took was a single look or line from Wiseau and I lost it, he has such a hilarious face and way of speaking.

This is how I imagine myself if I ever tried to act. Only it wouldn't be funny.

P.S: The part on the roof where Mark is facing the camera with the ball and he makes that out-of-character "this is so fucking stupid" expression is amazing.

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