Fantastic Mr. Fox

Fantastic Mr. Fox ★★★★

My second or third time watching this, and I'm admiring it even more. Visually, this is a feast, with sets and characters so meticulously designed I could enjoy the film on a purely aesthetic level. Which, we all know, is part of Wes Anderson's specialty (and honestly I wish he would just leave that alone and loosen up a little). And the voice work is delivered so naturally, except for Clooney who gives us a caricatured performance that often recalled his role in O Brother Where Art Thou. My younger son said about halfway through the film "I thought this would be a silly movie, but it's not silly at all." From him, there's no higher compliment. My boys enjoyed the movie - its style and fun is infectious, even for its target demographic. And there is enough moments of drama that make it a winning movie for adults. But probably most importantly, this is a great comedy.

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