Pig ★★★★½

Very good. But also very frustrating.

In a lot of incidental and unimportant ways this is basically the film I wrote and produced- except good. That and the hero here is lookIng for a truffle pig and not his trans roommate.


Really there are a lot of differences and Pig is a bigger and richer film than anything I could have ever conceived of. The film has a lot of really interesting things to say about pacificism, food, environmental catatrophe and "critics".
Nicolas Cage is excellent in this.

I'm trying really hard not to bitter, salty and jealous...Road to Damascus also came out this year after years in post-production hell but we've really struggled to find an audience considering we had/have Zero advertising budget...

Gotta keep trying I guess. This is one of those films I will talk about for a long time and that will haunt my own work for years to come.

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