Fantastic Mr. Fox

Fantastic Mr. Fox ★★★½

Well that definitely felt like a breath of fresh air!

Now before I get into this review I need everyone to know that despite some negatives that I may have with this film I still adore it with all my heart.

-The title cards worked only when they were stating a setting but they didn’t work when they were used for narration or telling the audience an action performed in the movie rather than just showing the action
-The characters were most of the time facing forward when they were talking to people which almost felt like an acknowledgement to the camera whether than just talking to the characters individually
-While saying “cuss” and not saying the actually cuss word is creative on Anderson’s part to not have an open audience for kids, the demographic this movie seems mostly catered to, feels weird to say in a sentence
-Some weird things at the end like the wolfs paw sticking up and the foxs glowing were tiny things that were weird

-The consistency of the color orange and blue as two contrasting colors worked
-The diegetic radio music was good
-Symmetry was great and present in every frame!
-This film had more heart than his other films I’ve previously seen
-I liked the scene when they were cutting back and forth to the rabies dog and the fox getting the other out of his cage and the music changing between the two

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