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Favorite films

  • Wild Strawberries
  • Aguirre, the Wrath of God
  • Jules and Jim
  • The Seventh Seal

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  • Come and See


  • Titoudao


  • The Infinite Worlds of H.G. Wells

  • Lost in Yonkers


Recent reviews

  • Come and See

    Come and See


    Not at all simply yet another film dragging it all up again or presenting itself as memorializing, while sereptitiously revelling in war - instead, here is a harrowing, brilliant depiction of the pathetic human story of it all.
    So many constantly revert to and focus on these times in the 20th century as extraordinary, where, in truth, never forget that those few years were just another episode and manifestation, of countless in the long vile history of Man. What is…

  • Titoudao



    Such adorable characters, who brilliantly perform in this truly endearing series. A beautiful and vibrant, very special slice of culture and art. Parts of this frequently brought me to tears, which is quite rare for me.

    Please note; you'll also find it's in spoken English language (I'd anticipated subtitles).

Popular reviews

  • Terrorism Considered as One of the Fine Arts

    Terrorism Considered as One of the Fine Arts


    Top film quote:

    We must always search ...

    Truth lies in the spaces ...

    Between thunder and lightning,

    Perception and thought.

    Good and lengthy. A very important truth and eco message and I just loved the atmosphere throughout. I can't get enough of these psychogeographic films.

  • Dreams



    Top film quote: ^Waiting to die isn't living."

    Too often, beautiful cinematography is at the expense of a strong storyline, not so much with this though.

    The following would be my dream interpretation and thoughts here; woes over curiosity causing one's downfall, deep concern for protecting cherished nature, unbearable closeness to achievements and hopes, both the pull and dangers of adventure. Also, feelings of being forced - and having the courage to stand alone, being driven to learn great secrets,…