Bros ★½

Last night I was watching episodes of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air on HBO Max, and one of the things I noticed about the secret to that show's longevity (and the longevity of most good comedy) is that often times once a joke has been made, that is it. They don't beat the joke into submission by continuing it over and over, and many a time they let the joke and scene culminate simultaneously to swiftly move into the next scene. I noticed that again when I watched Private Life last year: "During breakfast and after a somewhat lengthy conversation about fertility, Paul Giamatti asks his step-niece how she likes her eggs, and she responds with scrambled or however the couple likes them done, not realizing he meant something else. Jenkins lets the scene end on that brilliant joke, without adding another line of dialogue or conversation to ruin the moment."

I want to know who was supposed to be the script editor on this, because they need to actually do their job.

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