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  • Shining Sex

    Shining Sex

    Wanted to make sure I squeezed in at least one Franco film in 2020 (jfc). This one has a bright shiny new transfer which actually highlights Franco's gorgeous cinematography (especially on that boat ride which tbh I had absolutely zero idea of what it had to do with the plot?). With the restoration, even the endless giant shots of Lina Romay's sex covered in glitter are kinda fascinating!

    But the strangest thing about this movie is that it's an hour…

  • Lithophonie



    really more spectacular the more I think about it... Dupuis takes the dance film as his starting point but then departs into the realm of pure experimentation -- even when the experiment doesn't necessarily work it's still done with a sense of discovery, and because of that even when things feel a bit arch they're still rewarding. again i'm drawn to this space of french experimental film which is predicated upon performance, and theater...i think there's more for me to…

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  • Threshold



    It severely bugs me that the dominant form of film in 2016 is a mode of narrative film-making (& film criticism, & understanding of film, & viewing habits of film) that derives explicitly from the confines of late-capitalism. When viewers think that acting is the most important thing in a film, the producers can capitalize on that by creating a star system in which familiarity & hegemonic style is read as "objectively good" while unfamiliarity & variant style is read as "bad acting." Similarly,…

  • Portrait of Jason

    Portrait of Jason


    This is an extremely difficult film.

    Difficult primarily because what is seen on screen is a gay black man given enough alcohol to find himself wasted, who then gets yelled at by an off-screen white woman who also directed the movie.

    However, if it were really that simple then this wouldn't be a difficult film, it'd just be an offensive film, it'd be a bad film. This is not a bad film, this is not an offensive film, this is…