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  • Halloween



    The top-voted Letterboxd review of this film is an imaginary conversation an ancient shithead claims to have had with teenagers in which he blew them away with the opening shot of Halloween (presumably before bench pressing them both.)

    He claims to have done this merely to prove “most of them have the attention span of fruit flies with ADHD and that most modern media seems to cater to their sugar rush needs causing them to lose appreciation for the power…

  • Nobody



    handful of nice pieces of business but this is just john wick blue chew for the hamilton set.

    I've seen a couple of people praise the apparent unreconstructed scuzziness here. Have some self respect. This is a film about a guy loving his wife and impressing his children, who are not in danger for a single second, through feats of professionalism while an "am I the only 13 year old who still listens to good music?" soundtrack explains the subtext…