Kiki's Delivery Service

Kiki's Delivery Service ★★★★★

Last night after finishing this I sat and thought, “how can one man make so many amazing movies?” I’ve seen all of his movies at this point, save the Lupin the Third and Nausicaä which needs a rewatch, and all of them I’d give 10/10. There’s no other director I’d do that for, other than maybe Takahata, haven’t watched all his stuff yet. Miyazaki is able to capture the magic in all of his films without fail. Every time. There’s always one point in a Ghibli movie where it all comes together basically, the final piece of the puzzle has been put into place and you smile. It clicks and you realize just how amazing the film is. That’s Miyazaki magic for you. And it never fails. That being said, every time I watch Kiki’s Delivery Service I get to experience that magic all over again, shots of Kiki and Jiji zooming over the city, or hanging out with Tombo. That always gets me excited and smiling to see these things yet again. And even though I’m going to watch this movie many more times throughout my life, it’s going to stay the same way. 

I think everything about this movie is perfect. The characters are all incredible. Everyone in my family loves Tombo. He’s a big doof but really a nice guy and he just wants to be friends with Kiki. And Kiki is a wonderful person, from the moment she starts the delivery service, you know something special is going to go down. Also, after watching it again, I think I can confirm (but not 100%) that this is my favorite Ghibli soundtrack. It’s so peaceful and calming, and truly captures the movie with it. It’s a comfort movie and the music is rather comforting as well. Kiki’s Delivery Service would rank high on my Studio Ghibli ranked (I think it’s forth) and for good reason. I’ll truly never get tired watching this masterpiece.
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