Encanto ★★★

A lot of things in this film are almost good. Bruno is almost a good character. Some of the songs are almost good. The story and resolution are almost good. But alas, we must fall flat and be depressing at an almost good film. I did enjoy it much more on this watched and honestly cried for a fair bit of the songs. “Waiting on a Miracle” is quite beautiful and “Dos Oruguitas“ is just one of the most beautiful songs and scenes Disney has done in awhile, cried a lot this time around (was feeling a little sensitive at the time though lol). “Surface Pressure” I still can’t stand, gets worse with each listen. Lyrically wise, it’s great and fits in nicely with the film, but the composition is horrid and she can’t sing at all. 

It’s a mixed pile, but hey! It grew on me some. Both of my parents watched it and  said it was one of, if not the best Disney films, which is going way too far in my opinion. But I’ll end it off with a ranking of the songs:

1. “Dos Oruguitas”
2. “What Else Can I Do”
3. “Waiting on a Miracle”
4. “The Family Madrigal”
5. “All of You”
6. “We Don’t Talk About Bruno”
7. “Surface Pressure”

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