Bullitt ★★★★

To put it simply Peter Yates' cop thriller Bullitt is one of the coolest movies ever. Why? Steve McQueen, that's why.
There are some pacing issues with Bulllitt but who cares when we have Steve McQueen driving his Ford Mustang at speed through the streets of San Francisco while trying to solve the murder of a witness set to give evidence.
McQueen's undeniable charm and coolness make this a joy to watch. He takes no shit to solve the case much like Clint Eastwood's Dirty Harry (which came later). Where are these great cop characters these days!? They really do seem to have vanished.
Yates handles the action and framing of his actors well but it's the editing by Frank P. Keller that elevates the film and it's intensity. Particularly during the exciting edge of the seat car chase where the roar of the car's engines reverberate around the room and the built tension of the airport finale which obviously inspired Michael Mann's Heat.
Bullitt still remains one of the best crime thrillers all these years later which has obviously influenced many inspired cinematic moments since.

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