Cinematic Ecosystems

At the Locarno Film Festival, ringed by water and mountains, two films exemplify how the environment can influence a film experience.

MUBI Picks at Posteritati | Jeremy O. Harris

Playwright and producer Jeremy O. Harris stops by Posteritati in NYC to discuss how his wide-ranging cinematic influences, including Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction, Paul Thomas Anderson’s Boogie Nights, David Lynch’s Wild at Heart (and more!) have influenced his work.

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On a sleepless night in Hong Kong, Tsai Ming-liang took to the streets to shoot this soothing urban lullaby. Inspired by the popular Chinese song we hear onscreen, The Night is a new short from a cinematic titan, whose glistening nocturnal vignettes unfurl like the negative of a half-remembered day.

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An epistolary romance forms the heart of Kapadia's award-winning hybrid documentary. It is a poetic and inspiring chronicle of student revolt in the chaos of Modi's India. This love letter to cinephilia, both haptic and thrilling, is steeped in the urgency of revolution.

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Twisting surrealism and striking humor together in the manner of Luis Buñuel, Destello bravío is one of today’s most entrancing Spanish debuts. As older women’s desires are lit up by nonprofessional performances, so the stagnancy of provincial Spain is refracted to sensually weird, wonderful ends.

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Both a playful pastiche of horror schlock and a sumptuous paean to the transgressive style of Derek Jarman, Hideous emerged from a meeting of minds between Yann Gonzalez and The xx’s Oliver Sim. An opulent, unapologetic reckoning with HIV stigma, starring queer icons Jimmy Somerville and Bimini.

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The only solo feature from film theorist Peter Wollen reimagines sci-fi cinema on an intimate scale: a two-hand chamber drama suffused with poetic reflections on a planet ravaged by wars. Luminously ethereal, Tilda Swinton transfixes as an extraterrestrial visitor on a futile search for world peace.

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Amid a tornado of violent passions and fantasies, Tilda Swinton is an ethereal vision of innocence and ferocity in Christoph Schlingensief’s apocalyptic parable. Creeping through a phantasmagorical landscape, Nosferatu-style, Udo Kier triumphs at what he does best: playing the Devil with style.

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A deeply compassionate sibling drama that swept the board at the Swiss Film Awards, this intimately observed tale of terminal illness swerves cliché at every turn. Boasting a pair of superb performances from Lars Eidinger and the inimitable Nina Hoss, My Little Sister is a tender, understated gem.

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Following a trail left behind by the elusive artist and bossanova pioneer João Gilberto, this musical detective story is motivated by a profound feeling of longing—a.k.a. saudade. The atmosphere of Rio de Janeiro, the rhythm of its music, and the obsessive search for answers: all are infectious!

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