The Orphanage

The Orphanage ★★½

So I saw this movie back in 2007 and I wanted to like it then and have subsequently only seen it once since then...I'm not one to review films with quips or in 180 characters or less, so I will just say that this film feels like a the cap on a trend of 2000s horror films that postulate the premise that it is better to be dead and in the end...because you'll be happier?

Don't be fooled - this is not a happy ending despite the major key orchestral swells trying to elicit some sort of bittersweet feelings from you. This, like the "Others" /"The Lovely Bones" / "The Awakening" all have the same weird outcome, this has the benefit of being shot and edited exceptionally well and looking damn beautiful along the way...the problem is, it just never lands for me either in the scary column or the meaningful column, whereas I could re-watch The Awakening over and over...file it under watch once and forget it.