Pig ★★★★½

If Nicolas Cage is not in conversation when we get to the awards season circus, it is even more proof the circuit is a sham overloaded with studios that can outspend to get lesser performances nominations.

I didn't know what to expect going in, but since it was Neon and there's a lot of stuff I like coming from them, I liked the laid back and subdued revenge elements. The fact that Rob (Cage) is a quiet man locked away in the wildness with only his truffle pig to keep him company doesn't seem like a compelling idea for a movie, even when the pig is stolen I. The middle of the night. 

For a moment I thought Cage was in another man of few words performance like in Willy's Wonderland, it made me wonder if his quote to be in a film was calculated by the number of lines he would say. But there's a reason for the way he is, and as the story unfolds and the layers are peeled back giving you more backstory, even Rob becomes more vocal. 

This film is a reminder of why Cage has endured for four decades now, and while he's sadly relegated to mainly low budget duds, he still has so much love for the craft that it shows why he'll be remembered as one of the best, and most versatile actors of his generation.

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