Spencer ★★★★★

it’s impossible to overstate how much this film rests on Kristen Stewart’s ethereal performance as Princess Diana, how much she’s able to intricately portray the calm collected armor of torment and anguish slowly but surely disintegrating with every passing moment as the past turns forwards and ticks endlessly backwards into the present. 

this is a fucking horror movie disguised as a drama, a claustrophobic portrait of a woman casually gaslit, gatekeeped, and governed by everyone around her. a woman yearning for home, for a home, for peace of mind she can’t seem to find. a woman beholden by a string of pearls twice given as an afterthought, a green dress made from soup and dollops of white she eats to bite and crack her teeth. 

it’s about pain and confinement, that visceral scream hidden at the back of your throat, the struggle, the stress, the squirming grotesque protest to keep yourself behind in pristine poise or otherwise die with your head in a box and a portrait on the wall.

but it’s also about finding freedom in simplicity, in reality, in the everyday frivolity denied and scoffed at. in the beauty of friendship. in the beauty of love. in a dirty jacket taken from a scarecrow. in the memories that live in a house long condemned and considered rotten. in a bird bred to be so beautiful but so dim, a perception built by powerful men to justify the justness of their power. 

“It’s not just me who loves you!”

this is a truly phenomenal film, and I’m honestly not sure if any words can give it justice.

all i can really say is turn that heating up, put on Spencer, get some KFC with a side of fries and a shake or two, and escape.

just for a moment. just for you.

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