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This review may contain spoilers.

the way these old ass bozos spew their sob story and try to wring sympathy as if they didn’t actively and methodically plan a stone cold violent serial killing campaign against a bunch of maybe not completely innocent 20-somethings is low-key the epitome of white people bullshit entitlement…

like yeah maybe Parker and her friends weren’t at all the best at following CDC guidelines, but your baby boy Benji ain’t coming off smelling like roses either with his maskless ass! that they then also come for Miri, a stalwart QUEEN of COVID precautions, further cements to me that this is fuck all about justice and really about finding someone to blame.

and don’t think I didn’t see what you did there Kevin Williamson: it’s all so very Mrs. Loomis of them.


yasss Parker get their crotchety asses! you were really real for going for the jugular like that!

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