Bad Times at the El Royale

Bad Times at the El Royale ★★★★


A very nice surprise from Drew Goddard, who tries something different after The Cabin in the Woods. This is very far from perfect but it’s one of the more entertaining movies this year. Some scenes drag, and the end could be a bit better but I’ll take this movie over most blockbusters any time of the day. I know for sure I’ll rewatch this many times. It’s very stylish, distinctive, and just cool. My viewing was interrupted so the flow was definitely interrupted but that didn’t stop me from being very intrigued when I was watching. Highly recommend, especially if you’re looking for something to put on frequently. This is it. 
The cast are all terrific, especially Cynthia Erivo who puts on a great show. Chris Hemsworth is fantastic as well. Dakota Johnson needs to be in many many many more movies, I’m immediately attracted to her presence. Jon Hamm is a great actor, and he picked a great film to work on. It’s unfortunate nobody saw this. It’s a crime, I tell you. A CRIME! 
Anyway, so yeah this was super fun and just cool.

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