• Song to Song

    Song to Song


    Get you a nemesis who hates you as much as Terrrence Malick hates plot, dialogue, and exposition.

    After years of mystery Malick has become a known quantity. If you have seen a few of his films you know what to expect, and what you expect is exactly what you get. Dizzying shots of beautiful people soulfully emoting in lovingly composed settings of motion and color while stream of conscious voice over fade in and out as sparse, spoken dialogue hangs…

  • Gorp


    This movie fucking sucks!

  • Jug Face

    Jug Face


    I spent most of yesterday lounging and watching too many hours* of Letterkenny. I watched this here feature from 2013 by way of a Mr. Chad Crawford Kinkle when I went to bed. I finished it and immediately fell asleep. My dreams seamlessly melded the two distinct fictional worlds into one. All of the main characters of the film were replaced by the Letterkenny regulars.

    Instead of deep-woods American hillbillies it was a cult of Canadian hicks who had a…

  • The Last Inn

    The Last Inn

    This movie is like one of those memes where someone is all, "I trained a bot on 1,000 hours of ghost stories and had it write a script for a movie." Except it's not just the writing. It's every single creative choice. Utterly alien and totally inept. I mean look at this.

    I compare it to films like After Last Season or Governor Gabbi. It's perfect for a drunken 'Bad Movie Night'. I don't know how to rate this. It's…

  • Model Behavior

    Model Behavior


    This is essentially the NYC counterpart to Hollywood Hot Tubs. Same basic premise. Two horny guys lie to and manipulate women in a search for sex. But instead of the sunny So Cal vibe it flies off into the vertical world of high fashion and corporate offices. They do a number of New York nightclubs which are always a blast. It has the typical 80s grotesque sexual politics, though there are a few instances where a surprising amount of restraint is shown. I tend to enjoy the humor of these 80s sex comedies. I like Hollywood Hot Tubs more, this isn't that, although it is close.

  • Wild Seed

    Wild Seed


    A girl and her Emotional Support Beatnik™ traverse the US in search of her father. This would make an interesting pairing with The Journey of Natty Gann, as they both have essentially the same story. This is far more realistic though, and it has the essence of the Beat Generation flowing in it's veins.

    I really enjoyed this. Celia Milius and young Michael Parks have interesting chemistry. They repeatedly bounce off each other emotionally, both of them are guarded. Both…

  • The Journey of Natty Gann

    The Journey of Natty Gann


    A girl and her Emotional Support Wolf™ traverse the US in search of her father. I think this is the most picaresque of the Disney live action films. The photography is truly remarkable.

    Everyone does exceptional work. But this is still a Disney ride, though blessedly less cruel than many of them. The unnuanced looks at a variety of subject hang the film into that false version of reality that most children's entertainment occupies. Being that this is a children's…

  • A Walk Through H: The Reincarnation of an Ornithologist

    A Walk Through H: The Reincarnation of an Ornithologist


    I do not know what to say about this short film. It's one the most bewildering experiences with any form of media I have ever had.

    It's all told through narration and nearly all of the visuals are of these strange, chaotically colorful maps. The unseen narrator recounts many anecdotes of collecting the maps and using them to travel from point to point on a journey that seems like some sort of grand puzzle. It's all very literary and we…

  • Le Petit Bonhomme Vert

    Le Petit Bonhomme Vert


    The tale of a woman and her little green man. It's a tale as old as time, really.

  • Bongwater



    A film that does a good job capturing that listless indolence of early adulthood. That casual drug culture ennui that was so pervasive at the end of the 90s. The problem is that it doesn't make for a compelling story to tell within a romantic comedy format.

    Nevertheless, I still liked it. Mostly for the nostalgia hit and the radiant charisma of the side characters. I like Luke Wilson and Alicia Witt a lot, but here they are kind of…

  • Head Count

    Head Count


    I appreciate a monster that tidies up after itself. Very considerate.

  • The Last Will and Testament of Rosalind Leigh

    The Last Will and Testament of Rosalind Leigh


    This is an unusual little haunted horror film. I watched it three times because I needed the time to get a handle on what it attempts. My first viewing left me a bit confused but with an underlying sense of dread that was difficult to define. This film plays by its own rules. it's beautifully put together, and very, very creepy.

    Right out of the gate this film sets itself apart from its peers. We are treated to some lovely…