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  • Sense and Sensibility

    Sense and Sensibility


    This is in reality my number 4 favorite film of all time, but I was trying to be cultured and not have two Austen period films in my top 4 because I in fact have depth and am not a hopeless romantic.

    *whispers softly to self* "Love is not love, which alters when its alteration finds… "

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  • Titanic



    Gosh, it really is a masterpiece, isn’t it?

    My heart started pounding just before the ship hits the iceberg and didn’t stop until the end. It’s amazing that no matter how many times I watch this (I think this is about the fifth time) that I think it will turn out differently. That the ship will turn in time. That only 4 compartments will flood. That there will be enough lifeboats. That the water won’t be cold. That everything will…

  • Radiance




    Australia (Indigenous Peoples)

    Rachel Perkins

    "I'll help, you won't have do it by yourself."

    And so begins my first foray into indigenous cinema during this project. The guidelines of this project have evolved somewhat since its inception, but one that I have added is “additional film(s) will be watched for each country/nation if they are directed by and/or about indigenous peoples.” According to data from The International Work Group for Indigenous Affairs…

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  • Home Movie: The Princess Bride

    Home Movie: The Princess Bride

    Watched as god intended, vertically in 240p.

  • The Spanish Apartment

    The Spanish Apartment


    Romain Duris is a horny, whiny, man-baby in Barcelona for two hours. That’s it. That’s the movie.

    This film is so bizarre to me. If I didn’t know before watching this, I would have said it was an adaptation of a comic book. The filmmaking style has multi-screen views and overlapping elements that are exactly like in comics. But instead of saving humanity or something noble, Xavier learns to speak Spanish and how to do sex real good from a wise lesbian couple. 

    Also, this film needle drops Radiohead’s No Surprises, not once, not twice, but three glorious times. Qulle ennui!