The Master

The Master ★★

Paul Thomas Anderson's The Master has a fantastic cast, along Joaquin Phoenix are Amy Adams and Philip Seymour Hoffman. PSH may he R.I.P.

However, besides the cast this drama falls flat and tastes stale. For over two hours it drags on with a horrendous script, the movie drifts from place to place with no clear purpose or meaning. An author, designer, artist, and even movie director is there to tell the viewers a message. Now The Master may have a message for each to interpret in their own way, but I couldn't grab anything out of the muddled mess. I don't mind a movie that develops slowly, but not one that doesn't develop at all. The scenes in themselves, due to the acting, look great. Withal strung together they unfortunately don't mean anything, there's no direction or point. After the entire thing was over I was disappointed, saddened that Anderson made such a unexciting film.

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