Intolerable Cruelty

Intolerable Cruelty ★★★½

Wiki tells me this is the Coens' first writing-for-hire job, and it kind of shows. Not that this movie isn't good; it is a lot of fun by modern rom-com standards and is imbued, even if to a lesser amount, with the dry wit and sarcasm that Coen movies are loved for. If a film's biggest crimes are that Clooney isn't playing the fool as well as he has played in other Coen fare and that the said movie isn't Coen-y enough, I'm not going to be that tough on the film*. I must also add about Deakins' cinematography here, as he tries to embody the look and feel of modern studio rom-coms, pushing the artificiality way up, thus even bringing to the forefront how much love is a construct in the movies.

*One thing that does not help the film is the screwball comedy tag that hangs upon it, which is not how I would describe this film.

Wiki also tells me that this was originally meant to be a Jonathan Demme movie with Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant. And... Well, talk about missed opportunities.

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