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Action! - Three Auteurs: The Perfectionist Fincher

So another successful watch of one of the three movies everyone seems to adore in this platform, at least those made by David Fincher. And in many ways I can clearly see why is that the case, by no means this is a bad film and I am always surprised on how entertaining this movie is for a slow burn of a flick. This is mostly archived thanks to the great soundtrack comprised of classic rock songs and a moody score that sets the dark tone and tension of the movie when its required – he also archives through the use of still moments. In many aspects you may say Fincher is almost channeling his inner Scorsese with this picture, especially in the way many of the much energetic sequences are edited.

In terms of the performances, everyone does a great job. From Mark Ruffalo and the way how he captures both the story arc of its character from exciting to becoming weary and frustrated; Gyllenhaal as Robert Graysmith does a great job embodying this man who from being fascinated to obsessed with this mysterious serial killer, in many ways he stands for many of us the audience as we all have grown to trying to figure out whose the mysterious cold blooded murderer. We are given the clues and we are invited to put the pieces together and help maybe resolving the case by ourselves, and the fact this is a true case that has gone unresolved, even if you think you know who might be the killer, you can’t be so sure – which would elevate the intrigue nature of the case or infuriate you, leaving you in the position of being a Rob or a Dave.

Unfortunately, the way I don’t give it this a high rating is because for some reason I can’t never fully commit and become enthralled with the movie in a way I do with other films such as Se7en or many other crime procedurals.

All in all, a clearly underrated and certainly great addition to Fincher’s filmography that sees him going back to crime mystery genre with very good success.

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