Viridiana ★★★½

A novice whose attempting to become a nun visits a day her uncle, who falls madly in love with her after he notice the resemblance between her and his dead wife. From there on, her life will begin to crumble.

I guess by this point its fair to say I love Bunuel when he's full on a surrealist mode. His most grounded work tend to be very good dramas, with a nice criticism, though they mostly seen to contradict themselves or don't go for the jugular. For instance, in Los Olvidados it seems Bunuel was all for helping the poor class and those in need, and in here he pretty much thrash the same group of people down.

Now, even though the message comes a bit too hypocritical, the story and the way its told itself its good. Sylvia as the titular character does a great job, though I am not sure if its me she looks a hell lot like Catherine Deneuve? The rest of the cast who play the outcasts were very, very good. The technical work was also pretty good, nothing out of the extraordinary, but the cinematography and staging work was interesting at times... to say the least.

All in all, not among the greatest Bunuel work, but it has enough good in it to deserve a watch for those seeking for a good social drama.

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