The Godfather: Part III

The Godfather: Part III ★★★★

You all people calling this film a thrash need to go all pay a visit to a shrink ASAP!

Granted, the film is no near a Masterpiece nor iconic as the previous two entries, and I did some cheating by watching the film dubbed, which really helped because someone did the Lord's job and fixed Sofia's dialogue. And the epic drama feel gears up to something much soapy.

Despite these minor issues, this last installment is filled with so many thrilling moments. The whole plot with the church was insanely entertaining (loved the little wink they did to real history). Andy García kills it as Vincent and Pacino it ain't that bad either. There are some great lines too. The whole iconic theme song with the lyrics played by Tony was awesome too.

I seriously don't know what's wrong with my fellow movie pundits. I'm seriously worry for y'all.

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