The Forever Purge

The Forever Purge ★★★

Yo, everyone! I've found that new SAW movie we were promised. And its a Purge movie? Sure, why not, that totally makes sense.

We've supposedly reached the end of the road. After a series of very subpar pictures, some better than others, and a nice TV series (haven't seeing the second season, though part of me tells me its important to understand this last installment), this version of the US is going back to its old (actual) ways as the movie seems to reinvent itself by pulling some twists and turns, reflecting some hope the country is hoping to gain after what many considered a bleak 4 years.

The story is still fraught with racial tensions, with one character in particular working like a ticking time bomb, one whom you never know if he will turn evil or become an allie. In addition, we get answers to some lingering questions regarding the extent to which this concept of purging has penetrated the world. There are also lots of deaths and shooting with some nice traps to keep things interesting.

Although this new take feels very much like a welcome addition with some ironic twists thrown in, I was feeling much more numbed than thrilled by the end. The movie also plays more like a season of the TV show than the film, but maybe that's just me.

All in all, the movie isn't terrible and there is a lot of mindless fun to be had, but it also feels like the franchise had run its course.

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