The Count of Monte Cristo

The Count of Monte Cristo ★★★½

As many people who haven't lived under a rock all their lives, I am aware of Alexandre Dumas' novels and have seen several adaptations of them, but I haven't read any of them unfortunately. However, something about this book fascinated me and upon discovering the true story behind it, I became more interested and finally saw this adaptation.

Even though I first thought I was going to get bored, I ended up having a lot of fun. The fact that Jim Caviezel was the lead was somewhat distracting considering the many connections between the film and the life of Jesus, especially the betrayal by the one who should have been a great friend. In spite of this, he was great in the movie and because of the way he captures this genuine love for Mercedes and because of his charm, you just wanted him to succeed. In the little screen time Pierce gets, he once again makes you dislike him, playing an a-hole to perfection. Even the late Richard Harris on those few scenes in which he appeared was excellent and made you feel something by the end when he SPOILER he met his demise.

Kevin Reynolds is no stranger to period adventure films and he brings some of those skills to this movie. Although the film plays more like a prison break/thriller than an adventure film, the director injects some of it into the movie, adding to some of the little excitement it has, especially during one of the duel scenes.

All in all, despite some of its plot being trimmed down, and its rough and melodramatic moments, this is still a very good movie. I would def. give it a watch.

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