Sick ★★★½

Kevin Williamson and Peter Hyam's son team up for a slasher that shows the screenwriter being more of his usual cozy sarcastic self. The writing style reminded me of films like Bodies, Bodies, Bodies, but Williamson clearly understands how to write this young kids in a way that is humorous without ever becoming irritating (although there were a few moments when he got close). I get the killer's motivations and all, and the COVID approach is nice, but many of this feels very much like a stretch, especially the killer's motives. The basement party was hysterical.

In terms of technical work, the cinematography is rather good, particularly the lighting. The score, on the other hand, was quite generic. The camera work is probably the film's greatest element; I appreciated how each murder was shot with the same handheld style as the opening sequence, and the addition of fight stunts boosted the excitement of this scenes.

All in all, while the slasher conventions are fairly standard, Williamson's peculiar style of writing and Hyams' direction give the film a sorta new feel.

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