Nocturne ★★½

In spite of everyone thrashing down all the Blumhouse releases on Halloween, I'm making some time to see what all the fuss was about. I recall this being particularly popular out of all the groups, and I see why.

Apart from the fact that I interviewed Madison Iseman for the third entry in the Jumanji saga and enjoyed her small role in the film, I like her work here the most as she's given more to do. It was my first time seeing Sweeney in something since I did not see "Euphoria" yet. She didn't get to show as much range as Madison in her role, it seemed she was just sleeping through the entire film. Speaking of which, the dynamic between these two "twin" sister was quite good.

Visually, there's a lot to like here. A lot of attention was paid to the cinematography, especially during the dream sequence and the end. This often contrasted beautifully with the costumes. The illustrations were also pretty cool.

Unlike "The Perfectionist", a film this was compared to a lot, this one plays very straight and the horror doesn't always fit the narrative and feels forced. Furthermore, all the pieces don't quite come together in the end. For instance, was the ending supposed to be ambiguous or...?

All in all, it was not a complete waste of time and it would fit the bill if you are looking for an entertaining movie that doesn't require too much investment.

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