Manhunter ★★★★

Action!: MANN MEN - In the Heat of Digital Mike's Manhunt

Having seen both this and the Norton adaptation, my rating of each makes it clear that I enjoy both the same but for different reasons. The two films tell essentially the same story, albeit with vastly different approaches taken to everything from Will Graham's version to the direction to the score to even the villain. Here, Tom Noonan is essentially a straight and incel version of Buffalo Bill; I would have to do a rewatch of "Silence of the Lamb," but I actually like Noonan's take. Even without his distinctive quirks, his ghostly pale look and towering stature are enough to strike fear into the hearts of his victims and audiences alike. William Petersen plays a somewhat cooler Gil Grissom, he's a nice Graham but he's definitely at the bottom of the three portrayals of the character, yes, bleached blonde Norton stood out a little more for me, though both Grahams are completely distinct and great in their own way. Cox's performance as Lektor is solid, and he nails the character's deceptive nature, but he can't hold a candle to Hopkins' or Mikkelsen's.

Spinotti's cinematography is excellent, particularly in the outdoor scenes at dusk. Along with Mann's camera work and direction, there are other scenes, such as the one with the nylon stockings or when they caress the tiger, that gave me chills, especially when accompanied by the soundtrack. The picture moves at a good pace.

All in all, an entertaining and at times even adaptation of Thomas Harris' novel anchored by some great performances and solid script.

Action!: MANN MEN - In the Heat of Digital Mike's Manhunt

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