Le Samouraï

Le Samouraï ★★★★

A hitman's last cleaning job ends a bit mesy, and get both the cops and his employee on a manhunt to capture him once and forever. On this slow burn of a thriller that blends Drive with The French Connection.

Alain Delon is so great as this almost very, very quite, suave hitman who tries to run for his life as he tries to figure out how to put an end to this, while a love grows between him and a witness. François Périer is also so engaging as the commisioner trying to get ahold of this criminal who manages to escape of his claws.

As a very slow pace film, it takes a while for anything to kick off, but everything does pays off by the end. The final scene was such a fantastic way to end, both intriguing but also sweet. Almost like a little glimpse our star was actually capable of feeling anything and wasn't a complete sociopath.

All in all, while the title is a complete mislead and therefore a disappointment, thanks to some great performances and story, this is definitely one of those rare hidden gems.

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