Lady in the Water

Lady in the Water

Action!: The Campy, The Violent and The Plot Twist — Its a Plot Twist! The Shyamalan Chronicles

For many, Shyamalan's worst movie is nothing more than a Rorschach test. The film is a film that people who see it claim to be one thing and others claim to be something else. There is no clear message, but it is clear the author is trying to convey a message... I guess. The only thing we know for certain is that this is supposedly based on a children's story Shyamalan told his kids, and that it is a bland and boring movie.

No, there will be no in-depth discussion of this movie. No talks of layers. No mention of Shyamalan's brilliance. This movie has plenty of this in spades provided by the writer/director himself as he pokes fun at harsh critics in the most childish way possible. Seriously, towards the end, this bitter and bored ass movie critic with a deadpan face narrates how his death will go by bringing up the tropes and cliches of this genre. I am not sure if that was meant to play for laughs or for what, but it failed miserably in creating tension for me and also in getting me to laugh. Characters are one-dimensional stereotypes or cardboard cutouts. The dialogue, sorry, the "words" that came out of everyone's mouths here were excruciating and so bland.

If I had to give any positives, I would say the score is solid. And yeah, that's it.

All in all, a painful mess of a film that doesn't know what it wants to be and what it wants to say. Many aspects of the film suggest that the director was deliberately harming himself.

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Lady In The Water

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