Inside ★★★★½

After hearing a lot about the New French Extremity movement that swept the French film industry in the early 2000s, I decided to watch one of the most emblematic movies "Martyr", which lived up to all expectations. Then I decided to see other of the most recognizable films from this wave, but I was only able to find the remake, which although it is not a bad film per se, it does not come close to the brutality presented in the original.

Indeed, this is another film that lives up to the name of the movement in pretty much every sense, especially in the last 10 or 20 minutes when blood is everywhere, literally dripping all over the place, guts on every corner, becoming more gruesome by the second. The cinematography is also much more effective, ditching the clean look of the remake for a yellowish look that suits the nauseating situation. The performances are great, especially Beatrice as the villain, a cold-blooded killer, displaying a cruelty that makes your hair stand on end.

All in all, a disturbing and morbidly fascinating horror flick that doesn't shy away from violence and gore, but rather does just the opposite. A film not for the faint of hearts.

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