Innocence ★★★½

As practically everyone who has watched the film has pointed out, this is a film hard to fully comprehend. Like a dream, one may understand its significance, but there will always be so much more to learn about it. What is certain is that its director did an excellent job of evoking both a feeling of innocence and this childish yet sinister evil that pervades the film and these kids where you feel like there's something bad hiding underneath. The casket and how these girls emerge from it may indicate that much of what we are seeing is a sort of purgatory or that all of this is the end of these girls, either of their lives or simply of their youth and the journey into maturity. The cinematography is excellent, and the camera work contributes much to the unpleasant mood.

All in all, a film that requires a lot of patience, but those willing to endure the slow burn and sense of loss will be well rewarded.

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