Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 ★★★★


Mom: Their starship must be disposable cause they teared them apart and the next day they got a new one out of nowhere!

Call me an abuelo and put me a sombrero! But just like last week the first Guardians felt a bit underwhelming upon my second rewatch, the sequel actually became my fave!

It definitely heads more towards the comedy, which when I watched on the first time wasn't much of my liking, this time around was entirely the opposite. As the whole day been feeling like Seattle or Portland with all the constant rain and not a single sunlight, the humor made this moody day much better and warming, if that makes sense. Also I loved how this film stops and instead of focusing on building much on the franchise as a whole, Gunn stops and actually develops much our character in ways that will pay off later - especially the newfound relationship between Gamora and Nebula. Rocket's personal fears and the whole parenthood between Ego and Yandu was touching by the end.

Mom (a cancer survivor who finds using cancer as the terminally ill in characters unbearable): They took some long to bring the cancer

Once again Taylor Bates' score for the series and the way its used throughout the movie was great, plus the main theme after the The Avengers one has proven to be the most memorable of the series so far. And of course, the soundtrack here is pretty good and well used, maybe not so much of a banger as the first one, but still very solid. Plus lil Groot dancing at the opening its just adorable (though I am still not sure why freeze when Drax stared at him on the floor even though he knew he was alive???).

Mom: Whoever wrote this used to get his parents telling fantastic bedtime stories as a child

All in all, building up in what was the done on the beginning and taking it into a whole new level and with the cast delivering in many ways along with the new cast members, this might not be the best out of the two for many, but its the one for me at the moment.

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