Fear Street: 1666

Fear Street: 1666 ★★★½

See movie... you didn't need all those needle drops. You just had to trust Marco Beltrami and Anna.

We have reached the end (?) of our Netflix experience, and despite all its flaws, I can say it was overall a lot of fun. The twists and turns kept things interesting, and I was happy with the amount of gore and blood we saw, and the often creative way in which these were executed. The first and last installments make it clear that the 90s were most inventive in this regard, from the machine to "multi-stabbing at the mall". We also got a bit more humor, especially at the end when the thief enters the picture. It's kind of contradictory to my opening paragraph, but the few needle drops we got here may seem a bit on the nose, but I like the way they work within the movie as someone who loves the music from early Oasis and The Offspring. This was also well balanced with an very good score, which helped set the mood.

Was it all perfect? No. Whether that's fair or not, I guess "The Witch" raised the bar for me when it comes to these Witchcraft/village movies. Everything with the pastor at the church was pretty neat, and how everything clicked at the end was a bit confusing at first, but it was a nice shift of event that didn't feel like a cop out. The romance was also well done, although this time around I was unable to emotionally relate to the characters that well, so the loss was less effective.

Now that I have seen her on a recent REACT video, it is clear what many have already be told since the first film, namely how old Kiana really is. So with everyone looking so damn young, she quickly started to pop up which damaged my enjoyment of the movie in a few way. Yet, her performance as Sara allowed her to chop some of her acting skills without much restriction. Her much emotional side so to speak. You should not let that fool you though, I'm not talking on Anya Taylor-Joy's level, but it was nice.

All in all, despite the lack of real compelling characters, it compensates on both its lore and nice direction. Despite the many things to love, there are plenty to dislike as well. The fact that I got excited when watching the end credit scene means I enjoyed it enough to give it a another go. Although I would prefer to see a more faithful adaptation of the book.

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