Fantastic Mr. Fox

Fantastic Mr. Fox ★★★★

Along with Hot Fuzz and Rugrats: The Movie, Fantastic Mr. Fox is part of a group of films I've seen and was super familiar with for a long time and that I watched with my cousin, who used to always watch things in English as her father (my uncle) was American and had her fully learn that language since a young age. Unfortunately for young me, I wasn't that well-versed into that language then meaninng I barely understand what was being told and I missed a lot of the film.

Going back, now understanding what's happening, I get to appreciate more of the film and the basic plot, which was pretty charming. I loved how these film captures the often dark and quirky sense of humor that Dahl brought to his books to perfection. Its not entirely like kid's friendly but pre-teens and on will find great enjoyment of the many themes.

George Clooney's many lessons working with the Coen Brothers and embracing their humors get to work and fit magically with the tone of the flick, making Clooney almost feel at home and bringing some much gravitas to this figure. Meryl Streep is such a GOAT her skills as a performer gets to translate into even the voice acting work and strike you even with a small screen time. The rest of the cast, from the big names to the more unknown are fantastic.

The animation is really good. Out of the few stop motions movies I've seen, this is the one where all the figures feel more vivid and they genuinely comes to live on screen. They feel less cartoonish and more like humans in a sense, the way every motion and everything flows feels pretty realistic, which I loved.

All in all, while its not Anderson's best and I never get to fully connect with the film, it still very entertaining and arguably one of the most underrated animated movies ever.

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