Extreme Job

Extreme Job ★★★½

Morale of the story: South Korean public transportation will kill you, especially if you are a criminal.

This action-comedy works as both as a slapstick comedy and an action film even though, aside from its somewhat unique premise, follows the buddy cop and procedurals formula pretty much begining to end.

Don't get me wrong, there are some nice twists and turns and I did expect for somethings to go one way just to actually get my expectations totally subverted. Most of the humor is pretty good and there are some really nice gags, but this is one of those movies that throw a bunch of joke per second and only a few of them work and the rest are just lame or annoying.

Nevertheless, this film does proves that Korean cinema isn't only great on making this genre films, but they know their way to make laugh to a wider out of their own culture.

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