Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★★★

I remember seeing the trailer for this movie all the time on my Youtube before it came out, and I attempted multiple times to watch it all the way through, but it was just too wild and incomprehensible. And, to be honest, this feeling lingered till I viewed the movie.

Fortunately for me, the editing and montage are a thousand times better than the trailers. There was cohesion, and despite the frequent jumps in various universes, everything felt quite coherent. I also enjoyed that the film wasn't merely an exercise in originality on the part of these writers, with each world serving as an opportunity to show off their crazy genius. There is a heart, a cause for it all to happen. It is, in many respects, the most epic, ambitious, and inventive family dramedy to touch the big screen since Lumiere founded cinema over a century ago.

Michelle Yeoh is outstanding from start to end, displaying all of her acting abilities, from dramatic to martial arts. Quan's transition from a relatively naïve man to a kung fu machine was fantastic. Even Hong was entertaining to watch in his little screen time. Hsu is as effective as the story's heart, though I think I prefer her performance in the latest season of Mrs Maisel.

All in all, although it may require other viewings to perhaps go with the crazy hype and 5 stars everyone is going with, this is still such an incredible and most inventive films in a long time.

Ps. Watched Maverick for the third time on cinema, this time on 4DX and it was an amazing experience! I could have done it without the spitting water thing straight to my face though.

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