Death Proof

Death Proof ★★★

I have officially seen all Tarantino's directed films!

This Revenge Thriller (personally I don't think it has the enough elements and qualities to be considered a horror) sees the auteur pulling all his strings in terms of dialogues to very uneven results. Personally this film shows the best Tarantino films are those who marries style and substance to equal measures, which this movie sadly doesn't do. Especially because most of the script goes to these characters that *SPOILER ALERT* Never make it up to the end. So all that time spent seem very unnecessary and could have been used with the second group.

Nevertheless, once the film kicks off the engines (pun intended), it's pure glory. The kills are brutal and the end scene is a spectacle on stunt work. Kurt Russell is delightful as the villain. The camera work done by Tarantino itself its pretty good as well, there are some really nice shots and play with the lights and angles. Sally Menke does a great job with the editing too, adding some of that grindhouse flave.

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