Cold Blood

Cold Blood ★★½

Starring: The Wicked, Charming, Dutch Icon Rutger Hauer

Even with a stellar cast and crew, your film may still bomb.
Not only does young Rutger Hauer play a hero for a change though he starts first as this sort of villain, but the protagonist's initial antagonistic outlook is reversed after falling in love, which puts him against the odds his former criminal pals. The actor gives it his all as a tough but vulnerable man, but he's let down by some very sloppy writing. The rest of the ensemble does a good job, but Horst Frank as the villain is the other highlight.

The direction is all over the place, but the most unfortunate thing is that you have a fantastic cinematographer in Michael Ballhaus, and whatever great work he could have done is lost in a movie that looks and pretty much plays like some cheap TV movie. It's a shame to see all that talent go to waste. Still, the score is the worst part; not only does it dates the movie, but it also sounds like it belonged in a terrible science fiction B movie or something.

All in all, many make attempts to improve the quality of the material, but ultimately fail since they cannot avoid the most basic elements of the material.

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