Cocktail ★★★½

There are usually people who hold pages like Rotten Tomatoes up a high standard, almost as the last authority in film criticism, and although I do not personally hold them up to that standard, which does not detract from any validity, and sometimes I use the percentage to decide whether to watch X movies or adjust my expectations, but sometimes I find numbers for movies that make me question the whole website. This is one of those movies.

I am not saying that this film is a masterpiece or that the premise and execution of it are the best. Occasionally, the film seems to wander and improvise a lot. However, I don't understand how this film got 7%. Maybe 30% or 35% would be fair, but just the charm and screen presence that Tom Cruise exudes through his performance makes it worth more than that. Despite the fact that Cruise has become a bit more serious since he became this action star, there was a time when he was this magnetic being who attracted you with his fresh, loose, and attractive personality.

Again, the narrative thread is not exactly well connected and there are some loose ends, particularly in the second act. However, I felt a connection to this character who attempts to establish himself within society after his stint in the Army. Even though I had hoped the film would utilize or reflect this information, in the end, it is rather merely referred to and then forgotten.

All in all, while the romance in the film does sometimes feel forced, and there are several interesting ideas that are left in the air, but thanks to a terrific performance by its protagonist, it is a film I definitely recommend seeing to fans at least of the actor.

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