Boiling Point

Boiling Point ★★★★½

Films such as these are fantastic examples of why I like this platform so much. I was unaware of the existence of this film until just a few days ago, and then the comparisons to the films of the Safdie brothers piqued my interest.

And boy, if you didn't look up the information on the internet, you could very easily think that this film was made by the brothers. The tension, the anxiety level surrounding the film is at an all-time high, and as the story progresses, everything continues to build to a great climax with repercussions that pay off. The performances feel so organic, really how natural it all felt, further along with the one take on the whole make the feeling as if you are not much watching a movie, but you are experiencing that awful night that goes from bad to worse.

All in all, this is such a simple film that shines because of both its simplicity and its ability to put you right in the middle of everything.

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