Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ★★★½


Well, I guess its true what they say… time does heal things. And not only emotional and physical damages, but cinematic experiences as well. Cause my watching experience this time around couldn’t have been much different, and that’s in a good way.

Starting up, my biggest issue when I first saw this once it was released on theaters was the pacing and editing simply felt off. For the most part, it all felt like a collection of vignettes that barely made any cohesive and narrative sense, but that’s all magically gone this time around. Everything moved perfectly fine, though it still felt very convoluted from time to time.

Also the performances were better than I remembered. The biggest surprise to me was Eisenberg as Lex, I remember hating his character and whatever schtick he had going on. This time none of it bothered me and I kinda like him this time around. Maybe because having seen most of Lex’s incarnation on movies by now, it was hard for me to claim he was the worst. Adams is given much to do and doesn’t feel as much of a damsel in distress or just a plot device as in the Man of Steel movie. Cavill and Affleck are equally awesome as both themselves and their alter ego, I liked me some brooding Batman.

The script, again, feels a bit too loaded from time to time and certain elements. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the way the whole mystery was Unfolding, and we get a nice glimpse to both Clark the journalist and Batman the detective, and it was all written in a way that added to the thriller elements the movie was going for. I mentioned how I was scratching my head at the fact people were praising Superman for pretty much destroying whole cities with his reckless persona, throwing punches without caring about everything else, wreaking havoc whenever he goes. I loved this movie kept that narrative and actually had him paying for his actions. And haven’t seen the Snyder Cut, I am curious on how that would be brought up as, sure, he saved the day, but still brought a lot of chaos in the process. Also I finally get to understand the reasoning and somewhat “greatness” of the infamous “Martha scene,” as seeing and understanding the core concepts and the real battle between Batman and Superman that has been looming throughout the entire picture, that scene serves as a great culmination – it still poorly executed and hysterical.

Technically speaking, once again the visuals are incredible and the color correction actually is better done in here and actually enhances the picture. And needless to say the score in this movie is outstanding, probably in the top 3 of Best Scores in a Superhero movie.

All in all, while it does come with its flaws and if you come with certain mindset you will leave very disappointed – I gotta say this is still a better film and I am glad I am joining the cult following. Hope the cultist brothers don’t make me wanna do some weird s**t tho.

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