Anima ★★★★★

Action!: Anderson, Anderson, Anderson…. Andersson? – The Talented Mr. PTA

A visual dazzling performance video that sees PTA at its best. What he gets to pull off in less than fifteen minutes is a thing of miracle. Especially because the way how he gets to do so much with so little, not only in terms of length but settings and with a choreography that’s very minimal by Damien Jalet, yet through the sum of all its technical elements, the final result is just outstanding. Every scene is stunningly shot, just popping out of the screen.

Thom Yorke’s solo music isn’t always of my liking, but I always get a kick when listening to Radiohead so by default I guess I am always drawn to Thom;s music, if that makes any sense. Their (both the band and its frontman) sound is so familiar, yet at the same time its so unique. And in the case of ANIMA the album, the music alone lends itself to this type of “interpretative dance,”

All in all, there’s so much that can be said about this incredible piece of work but its one I insist for you to look for and witness yourself cause words can only describe so much and it all feels very short.

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