Alphaville β˜…β˜…β˜…

Now why do I feel Goddard was just whipping his dick all over my face? 😐😐😐

Jean Luc Goddard does a loosely adaptation of Fahrenheit 451, except instead of group of evil rulers, we got a HAL type machine making sure that books and art completely disappear an people basically become machines.

Goddard does a nice job bending Sci-fi with film noir, though it never reaches the same highs than Blade Runner, though it's a good starting point. There are some nice production design and Lemmy as our lead it's pretty good.

Sadly something about this movie feels rather amateurish, less like the product of an auteur or a big filmmaker, and more like a student film. There's some stuff like with equations and math and all that feels very random. And the dialogue and the execution of the script is just messy and borderline maturbatory.

All in all, a nice take on the Sci-fi genre with very great ideas that would fully get better fleshed out a few years later.

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