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  • Assassination Nation

    Assassination Nation


    Ahh, another angry feminist film about "defeating the patriarchy." This time brought to you by a spoiled rich kid who really wants to be the next Harmony Korine. It’s a good thing you wrote and directed that movie about yourself, because you will not be getting a Music Mastermind writing a song with your name on it (www.youtube.com/watch?v=BClzBQmZZBc).

    So this became available on Netflix a few weeks back, and I couldn’t resist watching the movie that has caused some controversy,…

  • The Black Ghiandola

    The Black Ghiandola


    Action!: Three Degrees Of Separation - Sam Raimi & The Slap B Sticks

    And to finish up the first portion of our May marathon we have a special short film by Sam Raimi and starring a plethora of amazing talent, from Johnny Depp to Laura Dern, who has this single exchange with none other than David Lynch. It has zombies, it has Gore and its pretty good.

    No, this isn’t some Movie 43 situation where everyone was bribed into this. In…

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  • Mortal Kombat

    Mortal Kombat


    Long story short, this movie was supposed to be released at our local theater this week but unfortunately the theater's site didn't get updated correctly until Friday night. So I would have probably missed this if I didn't check the theater's site again on Friday night.

    In many ways, I am proud that I did this as I can visualize people enjoying the movie much more on the big screen with an active audience – though differently than Godzilla vs…

  • Spider-Man



    Action!: Three Degrees Of Separation - Sam Raimi & The Slap B Sticks

    Regular fans will be eager to see Stan Lee, Sam Raimi fans will be looking for Bruce Campbell, but true legends will be giddy with excitement whenever Ted Raimi shows up. And that’s an objective truth.

    While “X-Men” served as a bridge between the Superhero takeovers we see today, Sam Raimi’s “Spider--Man” helped lay the groundwork that was later established by other Superhero movies. While the goofiness of…