Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness ★★★★

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This review may contain spoilers.

Now this is really hard for me to actually review. On the one hand it’s a really good horror movie but on the other it’s quite a disappointing and crappy Marvel film. 

As I’m not a Marvel fan in the slightest, I think I enjoyed this movie so much due to it being horror. Horror is my favourite genre and the stuff that’s in this is just amazing, can definitely tell it’s a Sam Raimi film. 

First I’ll discuss what I didn’t like about the film: 

The Plot
The plot for this film is just so dumb it’s unbelievable but I kinda expect with Marvel films at this point I can’t lie, through majority of the film I felt like “wtf just kill the girl” which legit could of happened, I really get irritated by films that do this, have an easy solution but do everything to avoid it causing just unnecessary story and plot. It’s just very inconsistent throughout the film  and tries to piece stuff together but doesn’t do really well. 

The Script 
The script for me wasn’t as bad as other people have found it, yes its corny at times and yes it doesn’t flow well at all but can’t lie, most Marvel films have really cringey dialogue and I feel like Sam Raimi wanted to make the characters more comic book accurate hence why its kinda awful (but honestly didn’t really bother me that much). 

The Illuminati 
The Illuminati has to be the most trailer bait shite in the entire MCU, completely pointless and just demeans the characters that could potentially be in the MCU properly (Prof X etc). The introduction of them were just so dumb too like people in my cinema laughed when they seen Mr Fantastic, which is definitely not the reaction you’d want at such a character. The deaths of the characters were good though but that’s mainly because Wanda is the best part of the film (in terms of characters). 

The ending
Finally, I didn’t like the ending, it was really rushed and kinda obvious that every main character wasn’t gonna die. It also felt like they wanted to make it sort of come full circle which is why it probably felt so rushed.  

But yeah that’s what I didn’t really like about the film, and I can see it being a main reason why a lot of Marvel fans really didn’t like this film but for me, the horror just made me love it. 

The Horror
Honestly, best PG13 Horror shit I’ve seen ever, it was so cool and intense all the way through with amazing jumpscares which I just absolutely loved. It felt like watching an actual horror movie which is what I loved so much, I wasn’t sat there caring about Dr Strange potentially dying as quite frankly I couldn’t care, I was more engrossed in how Wanda was legit jumpscaring Prof X to death, that shit made me laugh. Like it was just a ton of fun for me and I feel like if you love the horror genre like I do, you’ll definitely love this for it. 

Dr Strange 
I really liked Dr Strange in this, you sort of got to see more sides to him, in previous films he’s sort of been this sarcastic egotistical narcissistic but in this his character is so much more than that. He has an amazing relationship with America Chavez and gave his character that caring side of him. I also thought his love interest stuff was really good, just how you see that emotional sensitive side to him and how he regrets a lot. I definitely think for that reason alone is why it’s such a good sequel to the first Dr Strange, just the character depth in this. 

Wanda was honestly insane in this, from hating the WandaVision show when I watched it, I didn’t like her character at all but now I’m actually thankful I watched it. Her character is just incredible, the way she deals with grief is just great and I was rooting for her a lot during the movie, she’s badass as well killing all the Illuminati and just shows how powerful she is. The bit at the end where her “children” see what she was doing was so emotional for me and I can’t lie I did tear up as it was just such an intense moment and idk I guess I’m a Wanda Stan now. 

The End-Credits
Like usual, we have two end credits which both I loved. The first being a tease to Dr Strange 3 which I think it’s gonna be amazing as that seems to be a common trend with Solo movie trilogies. The second end credit was just the best, kinda makes me laugh as I imagine so many Marvel fans were expecting to see their next big project but nope it was Daddy Bruce Campbell, kinda like a big troll. I think Marvel fans expect too much from end credits so this was a good one to humble them a bit but in saying that, I think after the Morbius end credits, we maybe need a little more…..

Overall, I really enjoyed this film, I reckon if it wasn’t Marvel I would of loved it even more but the shitty nonsense plot and the waste of the Illuminati just makes me rate it below a 10/10. If you’re looking for a fun movie it’s definitely this one, especially if you’re a horror fan but if you’re a die hard Marvel fan, I can totally see why this is just dogshit or at least not as amazing as you thought it would be.

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