Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 ★★½

This is like if Marvel made Spy Kids 3D. Except I kinda liked it. But then, I kinda liked Spy Kids 3D.

My major problems with this come from the same place as my problems with most of the films that Marvel Studios and their band of focus groups, big studio heads, and useless directors vomit out twice a year, it's acceptable. Nothing more, nothing less. When you aim to make a film that no Joe Bloggs can possibly hate, you're not making a great film. But you are making plenty of money. 

 Saying that, there were moments when I genuinely disliked this, which is a rarity with Marvel's efforts. The first act was really fucking bad. After The Belko Experiment earlier this week, and I'm not sure the general opinion of the man, but James Gunn is an absolutely dire writer. He writes dialogue like he was raised in a locked room with no contact with the outside world other than videos of the early seasons of Power Rangers and He Man. 

 Guardians of the Galaxy, and Marvel's films in general, they're not cinema, they're business. This second instalment had absolutely no choice but to match the tone of the first, the big-wigs would never allow a deviation. That forced humour? Yeah, it was forced. The soundtrack? Okay the soundtrack was pretty cool again. And Baby Groot is kinda cute.

I enjoyed this to an extent because I'm a person, I'm a cinema goer. But I enjoyed it because it's designed for me to enjoy it. It hits the marks, it looks and feels like a film that you're supposed to enjoy. I'm so oversaturated at this point. Take some risks you big rich nerds.

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